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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Oct-2006The Ecological Interdependence of Emergent and Established Organizational Populations: Legitimacy Transfer, Violation by Comparison, and Unstable IdentitiesDobrev, Stanislav D. ; Ozdemir, Salih Zeki ; Teo, Albert C. Y. 
2Jan-2003Thin-Layer Cytology Findings of Small Cell Carcinoma of the Lower Female Genital Tract. Review of Three Cases with Molecular AnalysisNg, W. K. ; Cheung, Leslie K. N. ; Li, Albert S. M. ; Tse, Simon K. M. ; Pang, S. W. ; Chow, Janson C. Y. 
3Dec-2000Final Report of a Randomized Trial on Altered-Fractionated Radiotherapy in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Prematurely Terminated by Significant Increase in Neurologic ComplicationsTeo, Peter M. L. ; Leung, S. F. ; Chan, Anthony T. C. ; Leung, Thomas W. T. ; Choi, Peter H. K. ; Kwan, Wing H. ; Lee, Wai Y. ; Chau, Ricky M. C. ; Yu, Peter K. W. ; Johnson, Philip J. 
4Jul-2002Transitional Cell Metaplasia of the Uterine Cervix is Related to Human Papillomavirus: Molecular Analysis in Seven Patients with Cytohistologic CorrelationNg, W. K. ; Cheung, Leslie K. N. ; Li, Albert S. M. ; Cheung, Florence M. F. ; Chow, Janson C. Y. 
5Feb-2001Three-dimensional Dosimetric Evaluation of a Conventional Radiotherapy Technique for Treatment of Nasopharyngeal CarcinomaChau, Ricky M. C. ; Teo, Peter M. L. ; Choi, Peter H. K. ; Cheung, K. Y. ; Lee, W. Y. 
6Mar-20022[125I]Iodomelatonin Binding Sites in Guinea Pig PlateletsYau, Mabel Y. C. ; Pang, Celia S. ; Kravtsov, Gennadi ; Pang, S. F. ; Shiu, Stephen Y. W. 
7Sep-2003Gleditsia Sinensis Fruit Extract is a Potential Chemotherapeutic Agent in Chronic and Acute Myelogenous LeukemiaChow, Larry M. C. ; Chui, C. H. ; Tang, Johnny C. O. ; Teo, Ivy T. N. ; Lau, F. Y. ; Cheng, Gregory Y. M. ; Wong, Raymond S. M. ; Leung, Thomas W. T. ; Lai, K. B. ; Yau, Mabel Y. C. ; Gou, Dean ; Chan, Albert S. C. 
8Mar-2003Significance of Atypical Repair in Liquid-Based Gynecologic Cytology: A Follow-Up Study with Molecular Analysis for Human PapillomavirusNg, W. K. ; Li, Albert S. M. ; Cheung, Leslie K. N. 
92004The use of Complementary Medicine among the Radiotherapy Patients in Hong KongCheung, G. S. M. ; Law, Maria Y. Y. ; Chan, M. Y. Y. ; Lee, V. S. C. ; Choi, T. O. C. 
10May-2003Intensity-modulated Radiotherapy in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma: Dosimetric Advantage over Conventional Plans and Feasibility of Dose EscalationKam, Michael K. M. ; Chau, Ricky M. C. ; Suen, Joyce M. B. ; Choi, Peter H. K. ; Teo, Peter M. L.