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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12007Image-Assisted Knowledge Discovery and Decision Support in Radiation Therapy PlanningLiu, Brent J. ; Law, Maria Y. Y. ; Documet, Jorge ; Gertych, Arkadiusz 
22006Editorial: Recalling the Past, Envisioning the FutureLaw, Maria Y. Y. ; Chan, A. W. C. ; Cheung, F. W. K. 
32007Hong Kong Nursing Students' Knowledge on Dyslexia: Implications for Nursing Education and Clinical PracticesTsui, C. M. 
41-Nov-2007Prospective Randomized Study of Intensity-modulated Radiotherapy on Salivary Gland Function in Early-stage Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma PatientsKam, Michael K. M. ; Leung, S. F. ; Zee, Benny ; Chau, Ricky M. C. ; Suen, Joyce J. S. ; Mo, Frankie ; Lai, Maria ; Ho, Rosalie ; Cheung, K. Y. ; Yu, Brian K. H. ; Chiu, Samuel K. W. ; Choi, Peter H. K. ; Teo, Peter M. L. ; Kwan, W. H. ; Chan, Anthony T. C. 
5Apr-2008Hypermethylation of RAS Effector Related Genes and DNA Methyltransferase 1 Expression in Endometrial CarcinogenesisLiao, X. Y. ; Siu, Michelle K. Y. ; Chan, Kelvin Y. K. ; Wong, Esther S. Y. ; Ngan, Hextan Y. S. ; Chan, Queeny K. Y. ; Li, Albert S. M. ; Khoo, U. S. ; Cheung, Annie N. Y. 
6Dec-2007Dosimetric Comparison between 2-Dimensional Radiation Therapy and Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy in Treatment of Advanced T-Stage Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma: To Treat Less or More in the Planning Organ-At-Risk Volume of the Brainstem and Spinal CordChau, Ricky M. C. ; Teo, Peter M. L. ; Kam, Michael K. M. ; Leung, S. F. ; Cheung, K. Y. ; Chan, Anthony T. C. 
71-Nov-2007A Broadly-Adaptive Array of Dose Constraint Templates for Planning of Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy for Advanced T-Stage Nasopharyngeal CarcinomaChau, Ricky M. C. ; Leung, S. ; Kam, K. M. ; Cheung, K. ; Kwan, W. ; Yu, K. ; Chiu, K. ; Cheung, L. M. ; Chan, T. A. 
82008Oct4 is Epigenetically Regulated by Methylation in Normal Placenta and Gestational Trophoblastic DiseaseZhang, H. J. ; Siu, Michelle K. Y. ; Wong, Esther S. Y. ; Wong, K. Y. ; Li, Albert S. M. ; Chan, Kelvin Y. K. ; Ngan, Hextan Y. S. ; Cheung, Annie N. Y. 
9Dec-2008Effects of Static Compression With Different Loading Magnitudes and Durations on the Intervertebral Disc: An In Vivo Rat-Tail StudyLai, Alon ; Chow, Daniel H. K. ; Siu, Sammy W. ; Leung, S. S. ; Lau, Emily F. L. ; Tang, F. H. ; Pope, Malcolm H. 
10Mar-2008A Split-organ Delineation Approach for Dose Optimisation for Intensity-modulated Radiotherapy for Advanced T-stage Nasopharyngeal CarcinomaChau, Ricky M. C. ; Leung, S. F. ; Kam, Michael K. M. ; Cheung, K. Y. ; Kwan, W. H. ; Yu, K. H. ; Chiu, S. K. W. ; Chan, Anthony T. C.