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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Exploring the construct of learner autonomy in writing: The roles of motivation and the teacherYeung, M. 
22016Population policy regarding non-resident Mainland females' contribution to Hong Kong fertilityLam, G. ; Tu, E. J. C. 
3Aug-2016An estimate of major-job relevancy and the importance of professional skills in the workplace in Hong KongLi, T. ; Tsang, M. ; Yeung, M. ; Li, E. 
42016Hong Kong's kindled population policies on immigration: challenges and feasibilityLam, G. ; Tu, E. J. C. 
52016Challenges ahead: a shortage of nurses in Hong KongLam, G. 
6May-2016Hong Kong Fiction and Mass CultureYuan, W. Y. ; Wong, L. Y. L. 
72016Otolith-related neurons in vestibulo-olivary-cerebellar pathway of rats. 10th FENS Forum of Neuroscience, FENS-1959LI C. ; Chan Y.S. 
82016Contribution of Virtopsy to Marine Conservation: Experience Gained in the Hong Kong Waters and Yangtze River. Proceeding of 5th Anniversary Conference - Transition of Care - Global Developments and Local Adaptations. Tung Wah College. Session: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Advancements, Abstract no.: A025.BCW Kot 
92016Effect of bedtime smartphone use on melatonin production in Hong Kong young adults—a preliminary study. 2016 International Conference of Physiological Sciences, P10-9Wong D.J. ; LI C. 
10Oct-2016Collaborative Support in Education of Health Profession. 5th Anniversary & Inaugural Conference. Transition of Care- Global Developments and Local Adaptations. Tung Wah College 22 October 2016Yau, Mabel Yin Chun ; Jade Wong Lai King ; Yeung, Stephanie