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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1May-2018Union commitment and participation in China: Does enterprise type matter?Snape, E ; Chan, A.W. 
2Apr-2018A pilot study of over-education in Hong KongLi, T ; Chan, A. ; Li, E 
3Jan-2018Challenges of fresh nursing graduates during their transition period. doi: 10.5430/jnep.v8n6p30Wong, S. W. J. ; Che, W. S. W. ; Cheng, M. T. C ; Cheung, C. K. ; Cheung, T. Y. J. ; Lee, K. Y. ; So, K. C. ; Yip, S. L 
4Jun-2018Do student demographics and country location affect the international learning experience of nursing students?Chow, S.K.Y. ; Fung K.H.K. 
5Jan-2018Nurses' Preparedness for Infectious Diseases Outbreaks: A Literature Review and Narrative Synthesis of Qualitative EvidenceHung, M.S.Y. ; Lam S.K.K. ; Kwong E.W.Y. ; Pang S.M.C. ; Chiang V.C.L. 
6Mar-2018The effects of mutual goal-setting practice in older adults with chronic illness. doi: 10.1016/j.gerinurse.2017.07.007Cheng, W.L. 
7May-2018How does maternal oxytocin influence children's mental health problem and maternal mental health problem?Tse, W.S. ; Siu, F.Y.A. ; Wong, T. ; Zhang, Q. ; Chan, E.H.Y. 
8Jul-2018Maternal oxytocin responsiveness promotes positive social memory recall.Tse, W.S. ; Siu, F.Y.A. ; Zhang, Q. ; Chan, E.H.Y. 
9Apr-2018Got lost in Hong Kong: Liu Yi-chang how to narrate Hong Kong storiesYuan, W. Y. 
10Mar-2018Do Physical Education Teachers and General Teachers Differ in Their Implicit Anti-fat Bias towards Overweight Chinese Students?Lau, Patrick W. C. ; Leung, Beeto W. C. ; Pitkethly, A. J. ; Ransdell, L.